Thursday, 21 May 2015

A few of my favourite pages from the past few months.

I have been so slack on here recently and so I have just picked out some of my favourites from the past couple of months.  Thanks for looking.  The first one was for Scrapping Outback and this is a photo of my Mum and Dad before they were married.  Very cute.

This is a page of my grandparents and great grandparent.  How lucky am I to get a colour photo from 1963.  Thank you Dad.  This page was for Funky Flairs.

This too was for Funky Flairs and is a photo of my Nan.  Such a beautiful photo.

This too was for Funky Flairs and is of my darling son.  

Wow I have done a few for Funky Flairs over the past few months.  this is another of my darling daughter.

And again a page for Funky Flairs of my DD.

Hmmm getting to sound like an old record now but another for Funky Flairs and of my DD.

This page was for Scrappers Garden.  

Another photo which I just love of my DD using Scrappers Garden Flowers.

Scrappers Garden flowers and a photo of my little sister.

 Scrappers Garden.  Love this page.

 Scrappers Garden

Love this photo of my Darling Son and love this page too.Using Funky flairs.

Another cute photo of my son.  This page was for Scrapping Outback.

My lovely niece.  a page for Scrappers Garden.

Another one of my Nan.  A page for Funky Flairs.  Love this photo of my Nan which my Grandad took to war with him and thankfully came back with it.

The girlies living it up in Phuket.  This page was for Scrappers Garden.

The girlies enjoying their time together.  A page for Scrappers Garden

This is a page for Scrappers Garden with a photo of my 3 mad friends.

Where I spend most of my weekends watching this team play.  A page for Funky Flairs.

Love the colours on this page.  This page was shown for Funky Flairs and Scrappers Garden.

This is for May's Challenge over at Scrapping Outback.

 This is part 2 for the above challenge.

A page for Scrappers Garden.

A Scrappers Garden page.

Hmm I love this page too.  This was for Scrappers Garden.

A page for Funky Flairs.

This page was for CSI (not sure which number though).  

Another one of the girlies having fun.  A page for Scrappers Garden.

A page for Scrappers Garden.  I love everything about this page.

Scrappers Garden

This page was done for CSI # 163

Another page of my grandparents on their engagement day. I did this for Scrappers Garden.

This page was done for Funky Flairs.  Love this page too.

Another page for Scrappers Garden.

WOW I did have a lot to catch up on.  Anyway hope you enjoyed looking at some of my work.  Thanks for looking.  I will try and keep this more up to date :)

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